Marketing is not Guess work
It is a real time team effort that creates a system to generate revenues for all. The local residents within the city benefit the most and they are your loyal customers. Target 100 % of potential customers across your city. We make it easy for you..
Converting event attendees to your potential customers is easy
When businesses promote their deals and coupons at local events, it is a game changer. The event attendee redeems their coupons and deals at participating businesses and restaurants. All deals and coupons are clubbed with event tickets. It is a real time consumer pull from the event to the store front or restaurant. It is a game changer. You don't want to be left out..
Deals and bargains are a game changer
Number of local events in your city can run into hundreds. We make sure that all event attendees get your deals and bargains to be redeemed at your store front/ business.
Advertisers of brands and products get real time attention at local events
Display your brand, digital signage, stalls, booths, hoardings. Restaurants can set up their food stalls, promote their food services at events. All of these get real time visibility with event attendees. Attendees are very much your customers at your retail outlets and restaurants. Here the event goer identifies and makes eye contact in real time.
Cross promotion of events and local businesses is a win-win for everyone
Various forms of event promotions including digital signage, standees, register printouts, POS at local store fronts and business outlets benefit business customers and event goers.
Collaborate or sponsor local events
Maximize your reach. Show community participation. Businesses can sponsor / collaborate with local events to target the local community in their city or town. Customers at local businesses and restaurants and event goers comprise local residents from your city. Your target audience is the same. Just can't miss it.