• Event Tickets can be sold at local marketplace

    Sell locally hosted event tickets, from your brick and mortar outlet. Advertise your brand on tickets. Co-promoting with local events is another step in building your brand.

  • Advertise at local events

    Event attendees at local events get to see your advertisement placed at events, banners, billboards and much more. A huge opportunity in creating awareness

  • Real Time Campaigns at local events

    Launch real time campaigns at local events. Event attendees get see your company or product campaigns in real time. Your campaigns get traction that makes it worthwhile. It is a real time engagement

  • Collaborate with event organizers

    Maximize your reach. Collaborate and co-host local events with event organizers. Get the mileage you always wanted. The best is that the audience is a part of the local community that shop at your outlet

  • Deals and Coupons for event attendees & much more

    You deals and coupons are in the hands of all event attendees. 100% turn out. No Guess work. You can except them at your business outlet with promotional deals you have offered

  • Streaming events and co brand your product or business

    Perfect opportunity to generate ad revenues, streaming rights and deals with local and national media. You don't want to miss it. Imagine your brand promoting local event on streaming platfroms

  • Promote your brand and promote your local talent

    You are looking for an artist to be the model or brand ambassador for your company. Promoting a local talent is like binding with your local community and your customer.

  • Be the sponsor for a local event and resonate your image far beyond the venue

    Be the sponsor for an local event. Imagine the real time exposure and benfits your company gets. Your gesture resonates far beyond the venue

  • Licensing Rights

    Join hands with locally hosted events or artist. Maximize your reach with your local community

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