Connect with your local community the easy way
It's a small world out there. The residents of the city attend local events, shop at local business outlets, dine at local restaurants. Targeting real time event goers is easy.
Get more value for your event tickets
Your event becomes more fun and valuable when offers, discounts and bargains are clubbed with event tickets. Your event attendees can redeem them at participating businesses and restaurants. Imagine going to a fun dinner with your family at a local participating restaurant at discounted prices, or getting bargains from participating retail outlets.
Gain from local promotions, deals and bargains
When local businesses and local diners promote their brand or product at your event, everyone benefits including the local community in your city. Get the reach.
Collaboration and Sponsorship made easy
Your event attendees comprise of local residents who shop and dine locally. Everyone in this ecosystem has a common goal and it is to serve the local community of local shoppers, diners and event attendees. Imagine the mileage and visibility you get by collaborating. Expand your reach and get more mileage.
As an event organiser you need a brand presence
As an event organiser your event needs to be recognised as a brand. The local community who attends your event also dine locally and shop at local outlets. Co-promote your brand at local retail outlets and restaurants. Brand awareness is crucial to your success. Being a part of the local business success is beneficial to you. The local customer and event attendee reside in the same city.
It's easy for performing artists to be recognised
Local businesses, local restaurants and local hotels look for ways to maximize their reach within the local community. Performing artists at events can be brand ambassadors for local businesses, restaurants and hotels. It is a way for businesses to stay connected with the local community.