• Sell event tickets the local way

    Majority of event goers stay local. They shop at local outlets, dine at local restaurants. Selling event tickets through a local retail is like connecting to your event attendee. Isn't it cool.

  • Promote your event the local way

    Your event gets the much required boost when you collaborate with local businesses. Their customers and your event guests are from the same community of locals.

  • Acquire brand recognition at the local marketplace

    As an organizer your event needs the brand recognition. Attract local businesses to jointly collaborate your event. Its win win for both

  • Reach out. Build your community of event goers

    Drive demand for your event. Imagine the power of cross marketing. The marketplace needs events like yours that has real time event attendees they can target.

  • Gain from local promotions, deals provided by local businesses

    Your event can be the a venue where local businesses can display their brands, products, logos and much more. It gives a huge reach of real time audience.

  • Getting a sponsor is easy

    Telling the sponsor of the visibility they get in real time makes a big difference. Trade in the services you could give for their sponsorship. Best is that it is all in real time with live audiences

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