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  • Awadh, once a princely state, is among the most ancient of Hindu regions. The enchanting history of this land of the Nawabs, kings known for their refined and extravagant lifestyles, is recognized through the richness of its cuisine. Here at Awadh, we bring you these bold flavors that balance elements of spice, intensity and acidity.   When Chef/Owner Gaurav Anand first visited the city of Lucknow in the Awadh region, the historical legacy and the vibrancy of Awadhi cuisine changed the course of his life forever. He mastered “Dum Pukht,” the art of cooking over a slow fire, from the culinary masters of the region. The technique, some 200 years old, involves cooking in a sealed heavy bottomed pot or “handi” over a very low flame, which allows meats to cook in their own juices. Returning to New York, he found that no restaurant focused on traditional Awadhi cuisine.  Once again, he immersed himself in a cuisine, learning its techniques and working with a chef from the region to provide an authentic culinary experience.    The attention to detail and use of a handful of uncommon spices is what earned Awadhi food its reputation. A traditional Awadhi spread includes complex elaborately prepared kebabs, kormas, biryanis and breads, unique to the region.  Gaurav became one of the few to learn and master the secret of the Galouti kebab that balances an array of ingredients and melts in your mouth.   Awadh is Gaurav's flagship restaurant, following Bhatti Indian Grill in Murray Hill and Moti Mahal Delux on the Upper East Side.  a showcase for a storied region’s cooking and the realization of a dream to be among the forefront of Indian restaurateurs in America.  With Awadh, we present a culmination of culinary finesse of the finest food from India’s sacred and historic land.  We hope to create experiences and memories through flavors as you expl Classic Indian fare including slow-cooked Awadhi dishes plus wine & tea in a stylish, modern space.
    • 2588 Broadway,
    • New York,NY,United States
    • Website: www.awadhnyc.com/
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