• Indian cuisine is on of the oldest cuisine in the world. It has survived centuries, envolved with every invasions and absorbed new infuluences, cultures. Over the centuries cultures and styles have blended and nothing has quite benefitted as the cooking. New cuisines were conjured, magical spices were mastered and various recipes learnt. The evolution of cooking completed with the ecolution of man, and women discovered that the way to a man's heart was not through an incision on the left chest but through his stomach. Thankfully the lessons of our glorius past have come to us at Bawarchi Indian Cuisine. Here at Bawarchi Indian Cuisine the emphasis is on the finest of cuisines. Every effort is taken to ensure the freshness of recipes and its ingredients. We trust you'll find the dining experience pleasurable and our hospitality live up to our Indian Heritage. Compact eatery offering Indian food, including vegetarian options, plus a weekday lunch buffet.
    • 1396 & 1546 Madison Ave,
    • New York,NY,United States
    • Website: http://www.bawarchis.com/index.html
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