• I started the company as an entourage of one. Me. Shortly after my own wedding I realized the need of wishing I had my own hair and make up team. Being from the industry, it was ironically almost an oversight to not focus on my hair and make up for my wedding day. I had too much make up on and my hair was rushed because my stylist had another client. I then had to run from the salon to my house and get dressed with my flower girl in tow. It was actual chaos. In the end of course, the day was great but, the pictures were not. I realized then how important this was to a bride. I have now been married for 13 years and a few years ago for my 10 year anniversary, I renewed my vows and hired my own company so I could do it all over again! The pictures were everything I could have asked for and I truly felt amazing!
    • 1051 Farmington Ave
    • Farmington,CT,United States
    • Website: http://www.beautyentourage.com/
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