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    • Providence, RI, United States
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  • India Restaurant offers diners unique take on beyond Indian food, mixing the flavors and spices of India with western cooking techniques and the finest, seasonal, local ingredients. India has been offering refined New American cooking infused with Indian spices. Enjoying views of Blackstone Boulevard and Hope Street, guests may choose from different dining experiences: in the front patio or the quiet backside patio. India's Bar is a relaxing and fun place at night. Sipping a seductive house drink, or one of the seasonal signature cocktails, India's lounge is a great place to be any night in Providence, RI.
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    • Address:
    • 1060 Hope Street
    • Providence,RI,United States
    • Phone: 4014212600
    • Email: aj@indiarestaurant.com
    • Website: www.indiarestaurant.com/
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