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Instant Karma Bollywood Parties are the freshest and coolest party events in the Bay Area. The promoters are committed to raising awareness of various causes and organizations and uplift the talents among the Bollywood Community in Bay Area. Instant Karma organizers come from various backgrounds and possess years of entertainment experience. Instant Karma knows what makes Bay Area tick and we strive to provide the best entertainment in various ways. Instant Karma is committed to creating cool parties that launch your products or services. Instant Karma Team comprises of Bollywood Lovers from all walks of life that have been committed to bringing Bollywood Entertainment to the United States. Instant Karma has organized and promoted several events in Bay Area. The team has successfully hosted major Bollywood parties, Fashion Shows, Live Concerts, Melas, Independent Movie Premiers, Comedy Shows, Dance Contest and charity events for past few years in Bay area. We have reached tremendous heights ever since we began and we have never looked back. Sky is not the limit and we plan to reach new heights. If you are a band, a fashion designer, a model, an artist, a movie maker, a play writer, a dance troupe, a comedian, Instant karma will give you the platform to reach thousands of people in bay area. Instant Karma has worked with Nonprofits Like; Induz and Asha Stanford, MMBS. It has also premiered movies like “Kurse” and “Love Signs” and also Promoted dance dramas like Sultana Daku, Natya, Ehsaaz, 8000 Miles Away, Kriya. Instant Karma has worked with dance academies and schools such as “Project Pulse” , “Stepz” and “Flaming Fusion.”And created a platform for local talents such as belly dancers, emcee Hash and Bohemia. Instant Karma has worked with designers such as Shekhar Rahate Couture, Shevta Shourie and Fashion Magazines such as San Jose Fashion Week. Instant Karma has never hesitated to raise funds for non profits, have donated money and services to top Bay Area Nonprofits, as well as Environmental organization such as World Wildlife Fund.