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  • Weaving magic over taste buds the world over!!! Kailash Parbat has a rich legacy of taste and tradition, more than 55 years of glory that few restaurants can boast of. Kailash Parbat has enjoyed the patronage of at least 4 generations of loyal patrons who swear by the delightful flavours and rich aromas of authentic Sindhi cuisine, created from the finest ingredients and to exacting standards. The consistently ‘melt-in-the-mouth’ taste has emerged the signature of Kailash Parbat. Kailash Parbat is synonymous with its ‘Pani Puri’ and ‘Chaats’, not to mention tasty Punjabi food. Kailash Parbat is also the only restaurant in Singapore to serve authentic Sindhi delicacies such as ‘ BHUGAL BHEE ALOO’ and ‘Koki’. To cater to the varying palate demands of its die-hard patrons, Kailash Parbat also offers variety of cuisines including Oriental, Continental and more. The mélange of cuisine is designed to appeal all palates. Kailash Parbat is renowned for its fast, efficient service. Priced at affordable rates to make the dining experience within the reach of all. Kailash Parbat has received rave reviews on various websites and prestigious magazines including the Upper Crust in India and HungryGo Where in Singapore. History In the 1940s’, the Mulchandani brothers sold ‘Pani Puri’ on Bans Road in Karachi and their product was the then United India’s preferred taste. Then came partition in 1947 and the Mulchandanis had to flee to India. They could not carry much with them : so they left behind their valuables in favor of the utensils they used to make their ‘Pani Puri’ and ‘Ragda’ and landed in Bombay. Kailash Parbat, Bombay was born in 1952. Since then, Kailash Parbat has grown immensely in popularity … a favourite haunt among people of all ages, from college going teens to families, the elderly and corporate executives. Operating from a small lane adjacent to the Colaba market, Kailash Parbat has emerged from a roadside ‘halwai’ to one of the most iconic eateries of Mumbai. Modern eatery offering a variety of familiar Indian dishes including vegetarian options.
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