Thaikkudam Bridge is a rock band with a soundscape built upon elements of folk and classical sounds of India interspersed, at times, with layers of progressive, pop, ambient and electronic textures. With a 15 member ensemble cast that includes three sound engineers, the band's strength lies in its versatility and unpredictability thanks to six vocalists and six instrumentalists from the length and breadth of the country, each of whom brings on board, a wealth of diverse musical, linguistic and cultural influences thus creating a unique musical experience that is truly global in nature yet local in idea. Navarasam, their debut album was released in 2016 and it has 10 songs in all ( 9 + 1 bonus track). Navarasam is an assortment of songs that talks of dreary existentialism, socio-political commentaries, rebellion, freedom and of the human spirit of oneness! The second album, Namah, a dream project in the making, is gearing up for release in 2018. Namah is going to be a collaborative featuring legendary artists from around the globe!