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    • Monmouth Beach, NJ, United States
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  • Having grown up watching this wonderful art form as an integral part of our family functions, I became fascinated by Henna or as we call it ‘Mehendi’. I first learned to roll a cone when I was still in 4th grade and I instantly fell in love with it. I was mesmerized by the intricacy of their designs and the beauty of this art-form. So I started experimenting, giving henna tattoos to people around me, who were interested. I picked this up as a hobby, and I started exploring different henna designs, shapes and tattoos on the Internet and books. The variety and scope of these henna tattoos motivated me to start creating my own designs with a specialty in shapes. Having interacted with a lot of Henna artists in the US and in India via internet forums and personal interactions, I now consider myself skilled enough to reproduce any design while having the knowledge of the nitty-gritty of Henna tattoos.
    • 10 Tanglewood CT
    • Monmouth Beach,NJ,United States
    • Phone: 203-886-6574
    • Website: trendyhenna.com/
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