• anvi Kacharia has been a henna artist since 1999, specializing in henna designs on hand and feet. Henna on Candles began in 2012 to express the art in a form of home decoration. She initially started designing regular pillar candles with henna and bejewels beads and extended the art on LED and luminary candles. Currently the candles are sold online through Etsy and in art and craft shows in the state of New Jersey. In addition to designing candles, Tanvi has continued her love of henna tattoos on body in street fairs, craft shows and in henna parties for kids and adults. Tanvi is always on lookout to expand her creativity and has learned paper quilling technique to create beautiful home decorations and Christmas ornaments.
    • Lincoln Park,NJ,United States
    • Website: http://www.yashdaa-art.com/
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